Monday, March 29, 2010

Book #4 part III




Rolling over Jacey glanced at the clock on her night stand. 7:03 am.  Ugh.

"Edgar.  Why?!"


"Okay, okay.  I'm up.  Happy?".  Jacey flung the covers off her body and sat up in bed.  Edgar was the laziest cat.  She loved him dearly and wouldn't trade him for the world, but he was spoiled.

Jacey walked to the patio door and opened it slightly to let Edgar out.  He rubbed up against her leg, purred like a lion and walked outside.  Jacey shut the screen and let the cool morning air flow into the kitchen.  She walked over to the coffee pot and pushed the automatic button.  Soon the fresh aroma of her favorite Hawaiian blend was filling the kitchen.

Grabbing her grapefruit she sat down at the kitchen table and turned her laptop on.  She needed to check her calendar and make a call to her editor.  She got a good chunk of the third chapter of her book done late last night.   Leslie was going to be happy.  She hoped.

Jacey popped a piece of grapefruit in her mouth and opened up her email account. Nothing but the usual...spam...angry letter from her editor Leslie....oh...and an email from Lucas.

The email was sweet and to the point.  It was a lunch invite at his house.  Today.

She look to see who else is invited, but she can't see any other names.

Jacey glanced at the clock, 8:15 am.  Lucas' invite said to meet at his house by noon.  She felt nervous.  What was that in her stomach? Wow.  Is that butterflies?

Grabbing another bite of her grapefruit she read the email again from Lucas.

Hmm.  Jacey's mind was working in overload now.  What could Lucas want?  Was she the only one invited?  She was unsure how to feel about this.

Closing her email, she brought up her book and started reading it from the beginning.  Jacey has had success over the past two years writing mystery books.  Her recent book was going to be a romance novel about a woman who falls in love with one of her fellow AA group members.  This type of writing was out of her comfort zone, but her editor tried to tell her to she needs to be more versatile.

What does an editor know anyway?

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Jack and Alex Manning said...

Yay! So glad to read more. You write with enough intrigue that I want to keep going - I want to find out about that lunch!

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