Monday, March 29, 2010

Book #4 part III




Rolling over Jacey glanced at the clock on her night stand. 7:03 am.  Ugh.

"Edgar.  Why?!"


"Okay, okay.  I'm up.  Happy?".  Jacey flung the covers off her body and sat up in bed.  Edgar was the laziest cat.  She loved him dearly and wouldn't trade him for the world, but he was spoiled.

Jacey walked to the patio door and opened it slightly to let Edgar out.  He rubbed up against her leg, purred like a lion and walked outside.  Jacey shut the screen and let the cool morning air flow into the kitchen.  She walked over to the coffee pot and pushed the automatic button.  Soon the fresh aroma of her favorite Hawaiian blend was filling the kitchen.

Grabbing her grapefruit she sat down at the kitchen table and turned her laptop on.  She needed to check her calendar and make a call to her editor.  She got a good chunk of the third chapter of her book done late last night.   Leslie was going to be happy.  She hoped.

Jacey popped a piece of grapefruit in her mouth and opened up her email account. Nothing but the usual...spam...angry letter from her editor Leslie....oh...and an email from Lucas.

The email was sweet and to the point.  It was a lunch invite at his house.  Today.

She look to see who else is invited, but she can't see any other names.

Jacey glanced at the clock, 8:15 am.  Lucas' invite said to meet at his house by noon.  She felt nervous.  What was that in her stomach? Wow.  Is that butterflies?

Grabbing another bite of her grapefruit she read the email again from Lucas.

Hmm.  Jacey's mind was working in overload now.  What could Lucas want?  Was she the only one invited?  She was unsure how to feel about this.

Closing her email, she brought up her book and started reading it from the beginning.  Jacey has had success over the past two years writing mystery books.  Her recent book was going to be a romance novel about a woman who falls in love with one of her fellow AA group members.  This type of writing was out of her comfort zone, but her editor tried to tell her to she needs to be more versatile.

What does an editor know anyway?

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Book #4 Continued

On the drive home that evening Jacey reflected on all the stories she heard over the past two hours.  Some of them were sad, some were lonely, some were funny in a twisted sort of way.  But the common denominator Jacey noticed is that all of these people had met Lucas some where along their path.  Either as previous drinking partners or simply as strangers at a chance meeting.  Regardless, Lucas was the key.

Jacey pulled into the garage of her condo and got out of the car.  Lugging her laptop inside, she stopped to pet "lucky" her pound cat.  Dropping her purse off on the kitchen table, she walked over to the freezer.  She looked through her selection of perfectly portioned premade frozen meals and chose chicken alfredo.  Popping it in the microwave she walked over to the wine cabinet and picked a beautiful Pinot Grigio to have with dinner.  Sighing to herself she poured her wine and sat down at the table.

Lucas.  Luke.  Teach.

He was all she was thinking about at the moment.  Why was this man she barely met affecting her so quickly?  The deadline for the first draft of her book was coming up soon and she barely had her plot compiled.  She should be concentrating, but man, watching Lucas tonight in his element was distracting.  This man really cares about these people.  While Jacey should have been taking better notes on the speakers, her mind kept reaching out to Lucas.  He gave off such a calm and gentle spirit.  Listening to him speak tonight was the highlight of the evening.  Oh boy!  Jacey you are in T-R-O-U-B-L-E.

The microwave dinged and brought Jacey back to reality.  She pulled out her laptop and powered it on.  Quickly she grabbed her food and a fork and sat down at the table.  Looking through her emails and responding to her editor the hundredth time that the first draft was "almost" complete, she noticed an email from Donna.  They had exchanged information after class but wasn't expecting any contact so quickly.  Jacey clicked on the email:

Hi Jacey, 

It's me Donna.  Duh, you probably knew that! LOL. Anyhow, I know the first night can be kind of tough when you are making an effort not to drink.  So I just wanted you to know I am here for you.  Anytime.  DAY or NIGHT.  I swear.  You can call me.  Text me (but make it after 7pm cause it's free then).  You can call though anytime (cause that's always free).  Anyway....just wanted to say hi!  Hi! LOL.  

K - bye


Jacey smiled.  Donna sure did know how to write an email.   What does LOL stand for anyway?  Jacey reached for the laptop and googled "LOL".  Huh. Laugh out Loud?  Interesting.  There were all kinds of these little "slang" words.  If you could really call them words.  Jacey hit reply and typed a short email back:

Thanks Donna,

I appreciate you checking up on me.  I am fine really.  Just sitting here surfing the internet and eating my dinner.  I am drinking kool-aid right now! LOL.

Thanks for being available.

See you at group in a couple of days!


Jacey glanced over at her glass of Pinot and slowly shook her head.  Grabbing the glass she headed for the sink.  It's for the best she thought.  How can she justify drinking wine at night when she is attending AA meetings for a pretend "alcoholic" problem? 

Friday, March 5, 2010

Book #4

Jacey glanced around.  The chair beneath her was the same hard, cold plastic ones from her high school days.  Shifting slightly the chair made that unpleasant squeak - you know the kind that gets everyone's attention - like it did just now.   Plastering a smile on her face, Jacey looked back down at her notes. 

So far she's made note of the eleven people in the small room with her.  Not yet knowing the names of everyone she's made little notes of each person.

The pretty brunette *note - rather large smile*.

The loud blond *note - really big chest*. 

The list goes on and on.

Jacey glances back down at her cell phone.  6:05pm.  This was not leaving a good first impression.

Suddenly she hears a commotion in the hall way.

"Sorry guys!", the teacher said.  "I'm so sorry.  I had a small issue with Carl and it needed to be handled right away".  Jacey glanced around and she saw the other's with sympathetic looks on their faces. She wondered who this "Carl" person was and why everyone seemed so close.  Of course she was always used to feeling a little like an outsider.  Normally always keeping her nose in her books and making notes of others.

Jacey watched as the other's were suddenly overwhelming the teacher with questions.  His back was to her so she hadn't yet seen his full features.  From the back she could tell that he was very tall, guessing at least six foot, with dark hair that had a slight curl to it. She picked up her notebook as she continued her observations.

The dark hair teacher  *note - nice butt*.

Reading this to herself,  Jacey laughed out loud and noticed it quieted down.  She looked up to see everyone starring at her.  The teacher glanced over his shoulder.  She slowly looked at everyone's faces, finally landing on the teacher.  He slowly turned all the way around.  Jacey was immediately captivated by his piercing green eyes.  They were a green that was almost indescribable.  She felt her heart do a small flutter and she dropped her pen.

The teacher walked over, never taking his eyes off Jacey.  He bent down , grabbed her pen and handed it back to her.

"I think you dropped this?" he said.

"Uh, yes, yes I did."  Really?  That's the best come back she could think of? Ugh!

He stood up and held out his hand.

"Hi, I'm Lucas.  Most everyone calls me 'Teach', but Luc or Lucas are fine as well.  Is this your first time at one of these meetings?"

Jacey took a slow breath.  Here is her chance.  She better act the part or he will be suspicious.  She had to keep her cover for as long as possible. 

"Yes.  I have never done this before and I am a little nervous.  I don't really know what to say."  Jacey looked up at him and was trying to read the look in his eyes.  She squinted to focus her eyes better.

"What is your name?"

Oh! Shoot! A name! favorite librarian in high school was Linda Frankenhymer.  Linda sounded believable...right?

"Linda.  My name is Linda Frank."

Lucas glanced down at this peculiar girl.  With her sitting he couldn't tell her height , but he knew she wasn't too short.  He noticed her curls were in a wiry little pile on the top of her head.  Lucas wondered what it would look like if he pulled her clip out.  Mentally shaking, he tried to focus on what she was saying.  Linda, her name was Linda.  Funny he didn't picture that to be her name.

"Well Linda, we want to welcome you to the meetings.  I don't want you to have any high expectations.  The last thing we want to do is put pressure on anyone.  The important thing is to attend the meetings no matter what.  Do you have a sponsor yet?"

Jacey nervously glanced around.  Would anyone offer to help?  She didn't even think to try to mingle or talk to anyone. Glancing down and shaking her head no, she felt out of place. 

Lucas stepped to her side and placed his hand on her shoulder.  It felt large and warm and comforting.

"Can I get a volunteer for sponsoring?"

Jacey kept her head down but looked up to see who would volunteer.  She watched the group huddle together for a few minutes and then separate quickly.  Jacey looked up then to see a rather strange looking girl.  Feeling a connection instantly, Jacey smiled at her.  She smiled back.  "I'll do it teach.  I think I am ready to accept this challenge".

Jacey looked up at Lucas and could tell he was happy.  He had a huge grin from ear to ear.  Jacey couldn't get over how great his mouth was.  She would do anything in her power to see those smiles for the rest of her life.  Whoa.  What was she thinking?  Focus Jacey.  You are here on a mission.

"Donna, I think this is wonderful!  You are more then ready to be a sponsor.  You are almost done with your steps and ready to graduate soon.  You are just the person I had in mind."

Donna grinned and walked over to give Lucas a hug.  "Thanks teach."

"Alright everyone.  Let's get settled now.  Please go ahead and pick a seat."

Jacey watched everyone slowly disband and start taking seats here and there around the room.  Donna walked over to the seat next to Jacey.  "Hi" she whispered.  "Hello" I whispered back.  Donna continued "After class we will talk a little more and we will exchange phone numbers and all emergency contact information, okay?"

"Sure" Jacey said.

I noticed Lucas walking towards the front of the room.

"Hello.  My name is Lucas and I'm an alcoholic."

The whole group responded "Hello Lucas."

Lucas continued, "I've been sober for seven years now and used to be a horrible drunk.  Tonight we have someone new.  Her name is Linda.  Now we won't ask Linda to speak tonight, but Linda, you will speak at the next meeting.  Now - who would like to go first?"

Jacey watched Lucas go and sit at a desk with his attention on the next person walking up.  As if he could feel her watching him, he glanced back at her.  Jacey could not look away.  Lucas gave her a little wink and pointed his face back to the speaker.  Jacey gulped and looked around.  She had better come up with a believable story and quick.  Just listening to the pretty brunette was making her stomach hurt. 

Jacey just might be in trouble next week.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Book Idea #4

Another excerpt from my glorious noggin....

This one is a murder/mystery/romance novel about a young women attending AA meetings.  She is a writer who is attending the meetings to get a better understanding of the process for a book she is writing.  Of course the AA leader is an attractive man who has an interesting past and she feels an immediate connection to him.

After several sessions, the writer becomes more familiar with the attendees and of course the leader. One evening as she's approaching class, she sees several members outside teary eyed and upset.  The leader approaches her and tells her about one of the girls who comes up missing.

Of course everyone's upset and the temptation to drink is weighing on all of them.  They pull through as a group and decide to try and search for the missing girl.  As they are looking for clues, another girl comes up missing.

Deciding that there is now a connection to the meetings, the police advise not to have the meetings any longer.  The leader decides this is unacceptable for the group as they have had such great progress.  So the leader decides to take the meetings to his house for the time being. 

As the story progresses the writer and the leader become involved and the story is definitely suspenseful.  I am thinking to jump into this one first since it's out of my comfort zone.  It would be interesting to develop the characters and really bring them to life.  I love books that can take your imagination to a new level and really make you crave these characters.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Book Idea #3

I was looking through my notebook again for some other ideas and I realized I had a couple of children's book ideas!  Which is ironic since as I mentioned before....I kinda have a thing for the super-natural or para-romance!

Idea #1

Is a bathtub adventure book.  Basically about a little boy who's water toys come to life and he has amazing adventures with them. 

The only problem with this - is when I was at the library with the kids a while back I think we read a book similar to this even though this is something I had scribbled down a long time ago.  But that doesn't mean our books would be exactly the same.  The idea actually came from listening to my son in the bath tub and wondering what he was doing and spying on him!

Idea #2

It's about adventures with sprite fairies.  The main story is about a young princess in a castle who is always getting in the way.  Her parent are frustrated with her and her brother is annoyed with her so she runs off.  She runs out to her favorite pond, plops down on the rocks and begins to cry.  Below the water the water fairies see her and one bravely comes to the surface.  Her brother comes along to see how she is. 

You get the point - a great start to a kids story that can go on many heart is more into this one as my kids and I have a tradition of a story-go-round we like to do.  Basically I will start a story and then my daughter adds some and then my son adds some..and we go round and round.  Those are the best nights for inspiration!

Thought I would just post some of these ideas to show that I don't just write or think about "romance" books!  :-)

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Another exerpt from my "imagination"

I had this wickedly awesome dream about a year ago and wrote it down immediately.  I always keep a note pad and pen in my nightstand drawer.  I don't dream as much as I used to but this dream was so graphic that it felt like a movie.  Just to make sure I asked my hubby about it to make sure this wasn't a movie we had ever seen before!

Brief Description:

Story is about a small town girl with the ability to read people's thoughts.  Her parent's died when she was young and she lives with her Aunt and Uncle.  She's kind of a loner.  People in town know there's something a little different about her, but they leave her alone, which is exactly what she wants.

She's active in church and has two very wild and crazy best friends.  They are identical twins and know all her secrets and love her just the same.  She tries not to read their minds, but often get's into trouble doing so. 

She is an amazing celloist, but doesn't want to move out of her small town since everyone here is used to her and her ability.  So she chooses to stay behind as her best friends go off to College.

With her friends gone she throws herself into Church functions, playing her music and full time babysitting for families around town.  She likes to play her cello at a small pub on the outskirts of town.  One night while she was playing, she get's this over-whelming flood of emotions and comfort.  She's so carried away in the song - she just chalks it up to a really great performance.  After her set she walks over to the bar, get's her soda from the bartender and sit's in a corner booth to read her book.  She gets the same warm feelings again and looks up to see a man in a corner booth across the room staring at her.  She tries to look away, but she is caught in his stare.

She snapes the book shut and grabs her stuff and leaves.  As she was pulling out of the parking lot, she see's the same man in her rearview mirror starring at her as she leaves.  She's very creeped out by this.

-----without going into too much more detail -----

Basically her and the guy end of having some pretty serious feelings about one another.  I like to say this is a paranormal romance as the guy can't read minds, but he can speak to people directly and persuade them to do things...similar to mind control.  BUT he's not a bad guy.  He looks like a bad guy (except he's hot) but he's a very gentle soul and he is drawn to this girl for reasons he can't explain. 

They don't have any crazy adventures together - but there is an evil presence that comes into town and starts messing with the girl.

When I first had this dream - as I mentioned above - it felt like a movie I was watching.  Except in the dream I was the girl as I was seeing everything first person.

I really want to dive into this book first as I think it's an amazing story.  It's so awesome letting your imagination take over something and seeing what you can produce. 

That's all for now....

Sunday, January 24, 2010

The beginning

This is a complete rough draft of an idea I have for my favorite fictional reads. Of's about Vampires! There are alot of mistakes....(I don't have an english degree! LOL). But I do enjoy the freedom of letting your mind take over something and then trying to make it interesting. I have several more pages written...but wanted to put this first part out.

Chapter 1

The clouds look ominous. Floating high above the desert, moving quickly as if they are running from an unknown force. Even the birds are acting strange darting in and out from tree to tree. Standing under a large pine tree with my dark blue hoodie pulled over my head, I slowly tilt my head up to look at the leaves. Closing my eyes I begin to feel the slow drops of cool water gently tickle my face. This is a rare day in Las Vegas. We hardly ever have weather like this.

Glancing back to the house, I take a deep breath. I should be getting back soon. He will be rising soon and by the look of the clouds I am going to have one unhappy vampire on my hands.

My name is Natasha Compass and I am a 24 year old personal assistant to one of the most powerful vampires on the west coast. Rowland Le Bone is one of the oldest “Vamps” that I have ever worked for. Actually, he is the only vampire I have ever worked for. He is an old vampire with classical looks for our modern times. He's absolutely stunning standing a few inches over six feet with broad shoulders, dark chocolate hair and the clearest blue eyes I have ever seen. I don't dare speak of his looks though, he's beautiful and he knows it.

Pulling my cell phone out of my pocket I glance at the time and contemplate enjoying another five minutes of this rainy weather. Lost in my thoughts, a large black bird shrieks over my head, reacting too fast I stumble backwards and trip over a large rock landing hard on my right hip. My phone landed a foot away and begins vibrating uncontrollably. Slowly sitting up I let out a large groan and reach for the phone, praying it isn't who I think it is.

“Hello.” Trying to sound casual. Oh no. My fears are confirmed.

“What are you doing on the ground?” he shouted, irritation dripping off his voice.

“I fell.” Hoping he could sense the irritation in my voice.

“I can see that, what happened. And don't make me repeat myself”

Sigh. “A bird scared me, I fell, tripped over a rock, it's no big deal”. Gosh he was so annoying!

“Get in the house – NOW!” Click. Silence.

After taking a moment to gather myself and get my emotions in check, I stood up and dusted the dirt off my side. Well – today wasn't starting out well – and it had so much potential. Yanking my hoodie over my head I dart back to the house. The house is very large coming in at just over several thousand square feet. It has two main levels with the main level containing five large suites, living and dining rooms, a parlor, large gourmet kitchen and a large patio that would comfortably fit over 100 people. Not that we entertain much but Rowland does like his space.

Pressing my hand on the side of the house the sliding glass door opens slowly. Besides the house being extremely large everything is state of the art. I unzip my hoodie and start to take it off, turning to the right I walk directly into a solid wall. Staggering back a little and still feeling a little dazed from my tumble, I feel two large hands grip my shoulders. With me standing only a few inches over five feet I look up to see who I hit. My hoodie is covering my left eye, but my right eye gets a clear view of my personal barrier. All I can see is two golden red eyes starring back at me.

“What were you doing out there?” he said slightly shaking my shoulders. The firm grip on my shoulders sends immediate images of myself on the ground outside along with a pull of fire in the pit of my stomach. Boy he was really upset. “Let. Go.” I muttered.

He slowly released me wincing as he realized the images he was filtering through our contact. He glances into my eyes and I could see the red fading quickly back to the the honeyed amber color of his natural eye. He looked like he was about to say something but I spoke first.

“It's nothing, honestly.” I say in my sweetest voice.

“Do Not give me that, you could have been seriously hurt” as he proceeded to turn me around and inspect me further for injuries.

Shaking off his worries I walked through the kitchen to the door leading to the basement. The house had several secret passage ways leading to the basement, but this was the only one known to the house staff.

“Hurry up.” I said holding the door for him. This was our daily routine and we were already behind schedule.

He slowly walked away from the back door all the while starring at me with concern in his eyes. He stopped in front of me and glanced down at me.

“I apologize for raising my voice.” I blew out my breath that I had been holding, yep, today was going to be an interesting day. He started slowly down the steps and then picked up his steps as he heard me following him. Vampires have excellent hearing and Rowland's is even more perfected then the average vamps. With most newly made vampires they are so flooded with power over their senses, it's like running around on speed for the first decade. It's important for new vampires to have an elder with them during this time, to help them get control of these senses. This is why Rowland is the West coast leader. His perfection of his senses has earned him some amazing power within the vampire community.

Reaching the bottom step we came to a stop. Even though the house is heavily guarded Rowland must scan everything. The room is black and I can see Rowland's red eyes glowing back at me. “It is clear”.

“Lights.” I spoke in an even tone. The computer eagerly replied – Lights On.

The basement was what I considered to be a large underground fortress. The main house was sitting on twenty acres of land just outside of Las Vegas in the Red Rock Mountain area. The basement itself contains several “vamp” style bedrooms, a large medical room, tanning beds, swimming pool and several landing areas for the hidden escape passages located through the main house and surrounding acreage.

“So you never mentioned why you were outside today. You know I worry about you when I sleep.” His gaze was penetrating heat to the back of my neck.