Sunday, February 28, 2010

Book Idea #4

Another excerpt from my glorious noggin....

This one is a murder/mystery/romance novel about a young women attending AA meetings.  She is a writer who is attending the meetings to get a better understanding of the process for a book she is writing.  Of course the AA leader is an attractive man who has an interesting past and she feels an immediate connection to him.

After several sessions, the writer becomes more familiar with the attendees and of course the leader. One evening as she's approaching class, she sees several members outside teary eyed and upset.  The leader approaches her and tells her about one of the girls who comes up missing.

Of course everyone's upset and the temptation to drink is weighing on all of them.  They pull through as a group and decide to try and search for the missing girl.  As they are looking for clues, another girl comes up missing.

Deciding that there is now a connection to the meetings, the police advise not to have the meetings any longer.  The leader decides this is unacceptable for the group as they have had such great progress.  So the leader decides to take the meetings to his house for the time being. 

As the story progresses the writer and the leader become involved and the story is definitely suspenseful.  I am thinking to jump into this one first since it's out of my comfort zone.  It would be interesting to develop the characters and really bring them to life.  I love books that can take your imagination to a new level and really make you crave these characters.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Book Idea #3

I was looking through my notebook again for some other ideas and I realized I had a couple of children's book ideas!  Which is ironic since as I mentioned before....I kinda have a thing for the super-natural or para-romance!

Idea #1

Is a bathtub adventure book.  Basically about a little boy who's water toys come to life and he has amazing adventures with them. 

The only problem with this - is when I was at the library with the kids a while back I think we read a book similar to this even though this is something I had scribbled down a long time ago.  But that doesn't mean our books would be exactly the same.  The idea actually came from listening to my son in the bath tub and wondering what he was doing and spying on him!

Idea #2

It's about adventures with sprite fairies.  The main story is about a young princess in a castle who is always getting in the way.  Her parent are frustrated with her and her brother is annoyed with her so she runs off.  She runs out to her favorite pond, plops down on the rocks and begins to cry.  Below the water the water fairies see her and one bravely comes to the surface.  Her brother comes along to see how she is. 

You get the point - a great start to a kids story that can go on many heart is more into this one as my kids and I have a tradition of a story-go-round we like to do.  Basically I will start a story and then my daughter adds some and then my son adds some..and we go round and round.  Those are the best nights for inspiration!

Thought I would just post some of these ideas to show that I don't just write or think about "romance" books!  :-)

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Another exerpt from my "imagination"

I had this wickedly awesome dream about a year ago and wrote it down immediately.  I always keep a note pad and pen in my nightstand drawer.  I don't dream as much as I used to but this dream was so graphic that it felt like a movie.  Just to make sure I asked my hubby about it to make sure this wasn't a movie we had ever seen before!

Brief Description:

Story is about a small town girl with the ability to read people's thoughts.  Her parent's died when she was young and she lives with her Aunt and Uncle.  She's kind of a loner.  People in town know there's something a little different about her, but they leave her alone, which is exactly what she wants.

She's active in church and has two very wild and crazy best friends.  They are identical twins and know all her secrets and love her just the same.  She tries not to read their minds, but often get's into trouble doing so. 

She is an amazing celloist, but doesn't want to move out of her small town since everyone here is used to her and her ability.  So she chooses to stay behind as her best friends go off to College.

With her friends gone she throws herself into Church functions, playing her music and full time babysitting for families around town.  She likes to play her cello at a small pub on the outskirts of town.  One night while she was playing, she get's this over-whelming flood of emotions and comfort.  She's so carried away in the song - she just chalks it up to a really great performance.  After her set she walks over to the bar, get's her soda from the bartender and sit's in a corner booth to read her book.  She gets the same warm feelings again and looks up to see a man in a corner booth across the room staring at her.  She tries to look away, but she is caught in his stare.

She snapes the book shut and grabs her stuff and leaves.  As she was pulling out of the parking lot, she see's the same man in her rearview mirror starring at her as she leaves.  She's very creeped out by this.

-----without going into too much more detail -----

Basically her and the guy end of having some pretty serious feelings about one another.  I like to say this is a paranormal romance as the guy can't read minds, but he can speak to people directly and persuade them to do things...similar to mind control.  BUT he's not a bad guy.  He looks like a bad guy (except he's hot) but he's a very gentle soul and he is drawn to this girl for reasons he can't explain. 

They don't have any crazy adventures together - but there is an evil presence that comes into town and starts messing with the girl.

When I first had this dream - as I mentioned above - it felt like a movie I was watching.  Except in the dream I was the girl as I was seeing everything first person.

I really want to dive into this book first as I think it's an amazing story.  It's so awesome letting your imagination take over something and seeing what you can produce. 

That's all for now....