Thursday, February 11, 2010

Book Idea #3

I was looking through my notebook again for some other ideas and I realized I had a couple of children's book ideas!  Which is ironic since as I mentioned before....I kinda have a thing for the super-natural or para-romance!

Idea #1

Is a bathtub adventure book.  Basically about a little boy who's water toys come to life and he has amazing adventures with them. 

The only problem with this - is when I was at the library with the kids a while back I think we read a book similar to this even though this is something I had scribbled down a long time ago.  But that doesn't mean our books would be exactly the same.  The idea actually came from listening to my son in the bath tub and wondering what he was doing and spying on him!

Idea #2

It's about adventures with sprite fairies.  The main story is about a young princess in a castle who is always getting in the way.  Her parent are frustrated with her and her brother is annoyed with her so she runs off.  She runs out to her favorite pond, plops down on the rocks and begins to cry.  Below the water the water fairies see her and one bravely comes to the surface.  Her brother comes along to see how she is. 

You get the point - a great start to a kids story that can go on many heart is more into this one as my kids and I have a tradition of a story-go-round we like to do.  Basically I will start a story and then my daughter adds some and then my son adds some..and we go round and round.  Those are the best nights for inspiration!

Thought I would just post some of these ideas to show that I don't just write or think about "romance" books!  :-)


Swati said...

Hi - don't be put off by stories that exist - there are now several different stories about kids going off to Magicians school like Harry Potter! I say go for it...I read an online book proposal in development - kind of what you are doing with posting at the blog. the author is literally writing his proposal before our eyes. I think it was the Secada Project. It's was really interesting to see him develop his characters.
(from aspiring writers)

Chris said...

I'm really enjoying your writing and I love the look of your blog.

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Absolutely Positive said...

Hi! Found your blog as I was hopping about on Follow Friday. Hey, I think your kids book ideas are great! I LOVE your idea about the story go round...I'm gonna do that with my three. Thanks!