Sunday, February 28, 2010

Book Idea #4

Another excerpt from my glorious noggin....

This one is a murder/mystery/romance novel about a young women attending AA meetings.  She is a writer who is attending the meetings to get a better understanding of the process for a book she is writing.  Of course the AA leader is an attractive man who has an interesting past and she feels an immediate connection to him.

After several sessions, the writer becomes more familiar with the attendees and of course the leader. One evening as she's approaching class, she sees several members outside teary eyed and upset.  The leader approaches her and tells her about one of the girls who comes up missing.

Of course everyone's upset and the temptation to drink is weighing on all of them.  They pull through as a group and decide to try and search for the missing girl.  As they are looking for clues, another girl comes up missing.

Deciding that there is now a connection to the meetings, the police advise not to have the meetings any longer.  The leader decides this is unacceptable for the group as they have had such great progress.  So the leader decides to take the meetings to his house for the time being. 

As the story progresses the writer and the leader become involved and the story is definitely suspenseful.  I am thinking to jump into this one first since it's out of my comfort zone.  It would be interesting to develop the characters and really bring them to life.  I love books that can take your imagination to a new level and really make you crave these characters.

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Swati said...

Hi Tina: Oh, I can feel the suspense in the synopsis; I've always wondered if mystery writers can creep themselves out writing the stuff?! :-) You'll have to let me know!! Looking forward to reading all of your stories.